Truth about the new album
by Tony Beck (
Written in February 1999


The new album
Microsoft buys The Sisters of Mercy
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Truth about the new album

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Colonel Kurtz vs. Andrew Eldritch
Apocalypse Now vs. The Sisters of Mercy
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Piss the Carpet
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Andrew Eldritch action figures

Rumour has it, not only that the Sisters fulfilled their promise to release two independent singles, with the first coming out the day after the contract with EW ended, but also that the fourth fabulous Sisters album, 'The Phantom Meth', has also been released to universal acclaim.

Unfortunately, according to my source (a contraband dealer in the Cantina), the new Sisters material is only available on planets you've never heard of. Post EW Sisters products are only being distributed to civilisations which are advanced enough to understand and appreciate Sisters songs. Some of Von's comments in the interview make this seem, at least, unsurprising.

Rumour has it that the sleeve design for 'The Phantom Meth' is a depiction of the Solar System with Earth deleted.