Why Sisters Fans Are Almost Like Deadheads
by Barb wIRED (barbr@CellNet.com)
with assistance from Loki(13), Koba, Diva, Bria(n) -- four letter name support group.
Written in June 1997


The new album
Microsoft buys The Sisters of Mercy
A Christmas Carrot
Truth about the new album

Comparison lists
Colonel Kurtz vs. Andrew Eldritch
Apocalypse Now vs. The Sisters of Mercy
Why Sisters Fans Are Almost Like Deadheads

Lyrics parodies
Piss the Carpet
Temple of Love Actions

Andrew Eldritch action figures

Deadheads Andy's Fans
0. tour tour
1. Hey I saw this show Hey I saw this boot video
2. That show was great That boot tape was great
3. I hear there's a show coming up I hear there's a rumor
4. yeah, I agree Yeah, like Deja vu? I get the distinct feeling we've been here before... I swear... didn't I post this:

   [   ] a month ago
   [   ] 6 months ago
   [   ] 1-2 year(s) ago

5. Battles the forces of the east and has a contract put on him by the west Battles East/West over forcing him to honor his contract
5. It's not nice to disagree Ground glass under eyelids
6. this is my fifth bus this is my fifth sub
7. I know, lets all do nothing together so we can agree on shows I know, lets all buy out Time Warner so we can emancipate the record contract
8. Bootlegs Andy's current city
9. hemp, 'shrooms adrenochrome, meth
10. gatherings secret gigs
11. "cords" pentagrams
12. "bells" chrome studs
13. Loose shirts with no buttons and square necks covered in shitty embroidery Black hooded jackets
14. Happiness man bitterness
15. peace Mekong
16. really man stay
hang out
chill out
be one of us
get the hell off this list
burn out
you are a circus pinhead
17. "YOU DON'T DIG THE DEAD!" "You're criticising our beloved leader - that means, Sir, Pistols at Dawn for you."
Geri is the defining rock and roller!
F* you!
Andrew is the defining rock and roller!
***Whack*** <thud> ***KICK***
***KICk*** ***Kick*** ***kick***
19. It's so free The rare cd's are so costly.
20. Dark curly hair
turned gray
Dark stringy hair
now bleached
21. Concert play lists religiously examined for band mood clues. Concert play lists religiously examined for new material.
22. No longer amoung us.
Gone to a higher consciousness.
Left a void which can not be filled.
23. "Geri, we miss you!" Darn. He flamed the list. Again.
24. "Mean People Suck"
"Mean People Suck"
25. A bunch of cultists without their leader Valley of the Dominionites: lots of netsurfers take dr*gs and sit around wide-eyed making airhead comments. Noone notices.