Apocalypse Now vs. The Sisters of Mercy
by Arthur Mathie (Arthur.Mathie@nsc.com)
Written in December 1999


The new album
Microsoft buys The Sisters of Mercy
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Truth about the new album

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Colonel Kurtz vs. Andrew Eldritch
Apocalypse Now vs. The Sisters of Mercy
Why Sisters Fans Are Almost Like Deadheads

Lyrics parodies
Piss the Carpet
Temple of Love Actions

Andrew Eldritch action figures

Apocalypse Now The Sisters of Mercy
Director Francis Coppola proposed this film ten years before he was given funds to do it. Much like Spig and the new album.
Originally scheduled to be shot over six weeks, it ended up taking 16 months. Much like Spig and the new album.
Sam Bottoms was on speed, LSD, and marijuana during the shooting of parts of the movie. Spig was "recovering" from "exhuastion" during the recording of F&L&A
A slow pan over a table in Kurtz's room shows a copy of "From Ritual to Romance", a book by Jessie Weston that inspired Eliot's poem "The Wasteland". Spig doesn't own a copy of The Missions "Wasteland" but who knows?
Coppola threatened suicide several times during the making of the film. Many Sisters fans threatened suicide whilst waiting on the new album.
Director Francis Coppola lost 100 pounds while filming. East West lost 55,000 pounds and Wayne and Craig lost 25,000.