2005/08/06, 013 The Choice, Tilburg, Netherlands

[summer tour]

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Here we go. First proper gig of the tour, nothing new in the setlist.

Venue capacity - 2200.

Ticket scanned by Eggi.

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  • Crash and Burn
  • Ribbons
  • Come Together
  • Doktor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
  • Alice
  • Flood I
  • Giving Ground
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Summer
  • First and Last and Always
  • Will I Dream
  • Anaconda
  • Temple of Love
  • On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
  • Suzanne
  • Romeo Down
  • Flood II
  • I Was Wrong
  • Never Land
  • Lucretia
  • Top Night Out
  • Vision Thing
  • Thanks to Peter Lankester.

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    Peter Lankester
    Dominion mailing list

    I arrived at the venue around 8.00pm. When I got in, I was surprised to see only a few people. Where was everybody? I asked around and they told me the gig would start around 9.30pm. More and more people where getting in and the (small) venue was packed at 9.30. But we had to wait. 10pm and still no dry ice. Finally 10.10 intro music + dry ice. Five minutes later the band shows up. They start with a heavy version of Crash and Burn. Both Adam and Chris giving very good backing vocals. The mix of vocals and guitars is very good.

    Chris plays well only on Dr Jeep and Will I Dream he was very nervous, but he has a nice rock and roll attitude.

    The "original" First and Last and Always was a stormer. So clear and powerfull. Temple Of Love sounded more powerfull and On the Wire and Flood II sounded clear.

    I think it was a hell of a start for this mini tour. Don't know if they will change the setlist much. Don't think so.

    There is a tour T-shirt. I didn't buy it :-( It's black (suprise) with half of the new logo in orange on the front and on the back there are all the names of venues + dates. The name of the tour is "Europe 2005". The shirt costs 25 euros.


    Zeno de Cock
    Dominion mailing list

    Well, we did have to wait quite a long time before he started, so he had to make up for that, lol.

    But it was definitely worth it, just rocked and I still cannot believe how good it actually was.

    If they'll do all of their gigs like this, I don't give a shit if there aren't any new songs (though I wouldn't mind obviously ;-) ), they were just the best.


    Dominion mailing list

    Yeah, Top Night Out.

    Worst thing of the night? Getting in at 20 hrs and the gig not starting untill 22.15! Very bad, but The Sisters definately made up for it.

    Eldritch was very into it, new guitarist Chris I must say he seemed to fit in very well, jumping about and enjoying himself. And Mr Whammy, well, superb, even handled bass twice.

    Setlist seems to be right. Come Together seemed much tighter than ever before. Alice was a suprise. I still kinda missed the suprises, no new songs, no covers until they left and came back for I Was Wrong!! Eldy asked us to be silent, which took a while so I was afraid he wouldnt continue, but he did and a haunting version it was. Right into Neverland. Amazing to see and hear that live-only heard it on a bootleg.

    Think I heard it all than did the most superb excellent version of Lucretia, slower sometimes faster and harder in others. Wow. Than they left again to return for Top Nite Out and Vision Thing.

    Eldy bowing and saying thanx. Well THANK YOU Sisters. A great night out was had by us 4.

    The gig was superb, sound being much better than Heineken Music Hall, Eldritch seeming to enjoy himself-and looking better than in the recent pictures.

    Another bad thing? Hearing Suzanne and Romeo Down live again, such tight musically well done songs and not having a studio version.

    To all those that are still going - you will have fun! And if Eldy asks you to be silent for I was Wrong BE SILENT: it;s damn well worth it! :)

    Oh and Hi Eva! And those other dominionites I might have bumped into. And two fingers up to the agressive moshing guy during Lucretia - you know who you are - you were not funny!

    Goodnight and long live the Live Groove Machine that is The Sisters Of Mercy 2005!


    Christian Wojtysiak
    Dominion mailing list

    The gig has been great indeed. Highlights (imho): Alice, I Was Wrong, Lucretia, Vision Thing.

    The sound, the ligth show, the venue, Von's voice - everything was just perfect.

    Adam and Robochrist appeared at a pub close to the venue after the gig (not quite sure whether this was mentioned already). Had a short chat with Robo. Nice guy and a great guitarist. Hope he does not loose his nerves when he is playing the festivals - he's not used to huge crowds.

    Cheers to everyone from Dominion I've met. It was great to meet all of you again and I had a great time.


    Ania Blom
    Dominion mailing list

    Loved it!!! They played really well, the band is tightest ever, they managed to impress a few Turbojugend who were saying before the gig that they would stay for a few songs and leave! But they stay right until the end and liked it!


    Paul & Donna
    Dominion mailing list

    I spoke with Robochrist as well, after the show. I asked him how it feels to join a cult band like The Sisters of Mercy, especially since he is quite young. He said that it was really weird and strange. He also said he had been very nervous before and during the gig. He wasn't indeed used to crowds that big.

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