The Sisters of Mercy - 2003 - Smoke and Mirrors


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Smoke and Mirrors

Summer 2002 Europe


Exxile on Euphoria

Trip the Light Fantastic

To the Planet Edge


Event Horizon

Distance Over Time

Roadkill/ Goldkill


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Updates to 2003 section:

2003/05/01 (second go) Additional review in Glasgow ("as I am not really satisfied with reviews from Glasgow - I'm sending my own". I like womanly perspective of the show, I really do. Reminds of what  Marika did to Warszawa, only shorter.

2003/05/01 Leeds I has a paper setlist.

2003/04/30 (second go) All review I've wanted to put are up: now ones are in  Leeds I and Leeds II (some exclusive, some from Dominion), Glasgow (Dominion), short blah blah about t-shirts in Wolversomething (Dominion), plus a paper setlist from Bremen.

2003/04/30 No update, not now at least - this short note is to say "thank you thank you thank you" to all the nice people who sent in this and that, be assured it will come up very very shortly. Stay tuned. Face the shinining sun with ponytail and determination. Don't get down as it sinks north.

2003/04/28 More Leeds I, some from Leeds II (all from Heartland).

2003/04/27 Leeds I (one reflection, from Dominion). 

2003/04/26 (second go) Manchester has scanned setlist. Yummy.

2003/04/26 Manchester and Glasgow. Note the first ever reviews off Heartland forums in this zine.

German speakers might want to check out Frank Spieker's tour diary (German/Belgium dates).

2003/04/23 (second go) Bristol once again (a review off Dominion, has a bit about James Ray).

2003/04/23 Bristol (mostly Dominion stuff).

2003/04/22 Mostly just jerking around, with the result that Berlin how has setlist and London 2 has a new review (from Dominion). Oh, and a shameless attempt to sucker you into The Sisters of Murphy gig in Leeds on April 25th (day before Andrew and the boys start their do) in the main page.

Did you know that clever girls all check out Smoke and Mirrors concerts-related links in this webpage?

2003/04/21 Wolfert-whatever, London 1 & 2 and Warszawa have new reviews. Warszawa's new one tries to guess what exactly is Sisters concert and why exactly it makes you what it makes you; sometimes it seems to succeed.

Among other recommended things are the first review of Düsseldorf (refreshingly negative), the last review in Amsterdam section (totally hilarious) and the famous photographer's flame on Sisters policies in Deinze section (entertainment for those who like conflicts (who doesn't?), plus it sheds some light on those policies (are you really sad enough for THIS kind of thing?)).

All in all, all reviews I wanted to include are included, the links are half done, the front page has the most important data.

Have fun. Have sex. And know how to choose.

2003/04/20 OK, OK, so it's only half done, but all reviews (save one, but it's different story) are here. Will do rest on Monday. Probably.

2003/04/05 Outstanding Amsterdam review by Dave Whelan (for this site), plus two links to external reviews (on of them in Dutch). Link to sample of Slept in Frankfurt page. The queue of Dominion reviews still not done.

2003/04/04 One Leipzig review. "Dear Andrius Sytas, due to the lack of reviews here mine". Thanks, MK. And no thanks to those from Zwickau gig.

2003/04/03 This page is started. Leipzig songlist added. Several Frankfurt and Amsterdam reviews are held up until tomorrow night (all come from Dominion).


2003/03/31 This phoenix is up.