2003/04/15, Philipsthalle, Düsseldorf, Germany

Smoke and Mirrors 2003

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  • Temple of Love
  • Crash and Burn
  • Ribbons
  • When You Don't See Me
  • We are the Same, Susanne
  • Alice
  • War on Drugs
  • Flood I
  • Will I Dream?
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Summer
  • Anaconda
  • Slept
  • Giving Ground
  • First and Last and Always
  • Romeo Down
  • Flood II
  • I Was Wrong
  • Never Land
  • Lucretia, My Reflection
  • Top Nite Out
  • Vision Thing
  • Thanks to Tobias Dorf (congratulations for  the baby, best luck to all three of you!;) -Andrius).

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    Written by Tobias Dorf (djthespis@yahoo.de) for Dominion mailing list

    So what should I say?

    Just back from Düsseldorf. Shitty setlist. Shitty show. Bad audience.

    Some of you (who used to be the former part of Dominion) know how many gigs I have been to. So many. Every new tour I was asked: Why do you do this? Same songs, same "show", same everything. Every time I answered that it is "everything" that makes a Sisters tour a Sisters tour.

    I used to tour so many tours and see so many gigs. The last tour and until today I had no chance to do this, because our son Tristan has been born. I was so much looking forward to this one gig near us in Düsseldorf to have a party, meet those people and enjoy what I enjoyed so often.

    Today I met those people again. Most of them I haven't met or talked to in two years now. I was very happy to see all of you, you know who you are.

    What I saw was that the original circle is not able to build a circle anymore. I don't want to talk anyone down. Nothing special. Only that what used to be the circle is not it anymore.

    Today I saw the "The Sisters of Mercy" behind their own smoke and mirrors. What was new?

    Slept. Should be a single. Bad performance here in Düsseldorf. Never Land. Sounded like the original album version. Nothing special.

    When You Don't See Me was so crappy they should have left it where it was, on album as a wonderful song.

    Only highlight tonight: I Was Wrong. Wonderful. New sound for the Sisters. Kinda unplugged. That's great. But not within such a setlist.

    You all say: "What is that fucker talking about?" I say: "30 euro for a band that is worth 10. 25 euro for a shirt worth 5. One of the worst 5 gigs ever." And I have seen more than 5, most of you know.

    I don't want to piss anyone off here, if it seems so, I'm sorry. Only thing I want to say: I enjoyed the last 13 years on touring. OK 11 of them. I like all of you, or nearly everybody. You know who you are.

    But I think I'm off.

    If any of those future gigs are within a reach of one hour travel by car for me, we will meet.

    I really thought about coming up to Leeds Canvas. I won't. I've decided today.

    What is left is a hurting memory of the old days, and those may last for years because I'm addicted to follow lost and blind.

    Only reason to come to future gigs is to see old fellows.


    Written by Mr_Blonde@t-online.de for Dominion mailing list

    > You all say: "What is that fucker talking about?"
    > I say: "30 euro for a band that is worth 10. 25 euro
    > for a shirt worth 5. One of the worst 5 gigs ever."

    Damn right. I was bored like hell today. Nothing special. The only things to tell are Chris Starling without shades during few songs and an Andrew Eldritch double during Anaconda, fortunately without vocals. Strange thing. Who was this?

    Written by Paul van Leipzig (amphetamine72@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    Last night in Düsseldorf... What the FUCK was that all about?

    After being harassed by a megalomaniac security loony we started off with Sulpher. It was a solid gig... if you are into second hand Nine Inch Nails. Which I am not. But hey...

    Setlist that the Sisters played was nothing special, same as all of the gigs on this tour with the exception of Fürth. (probably the only really memorable gig that we will get on this tour).

    But that BLOODY audience!!! (please note: I am talking about the majority of the audience). I have NEVER come across such a utterly bastard sad bunch of town loco's, schlager fans and other mentally challenged motherfuckers in all of my life! Give them a beat and they'll clap and shout out complete and utter nonsense. I don't see how an "unplugged" version of I Was Wrong could be the signal to start blabbering throughout that whole song.

    It seemed as if it didn't even matter who it was it was playing. As the billboards indicated outside, this week it is the Sisters, next week it is Howard Carpendale or Udo Jürgens. I wish they would have gone to one of the latter two gigs.

    Worst Sisters gig I have been to since my first one in 1991. I hope tonight is going to be a bit better.

    Written by Uschi Schneider (uschi.schneider@addcom.de) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

    At first I was worried that Andrew has lost his voice, or is not able any more to loud singing. Most of the people around me, I discussed the sound, thought this too.

    At least after about three quarters of the concert, there was a song with really loud voices. Somebody of the sound system may has noticed the poorness of the voices and turned them more loud. After this, there were maybe two or three songs, before they stopped. Of course, the reaction of the people was poor. They could not enjoy the voice yet, just most the acoustics.

    Then they came on stage for the second time. The voice was now really good listenable. The reaction of the people was of course better than with the first stop. After the second stop, the people got really crazy for the music, because they now got the full good thing.

    Can't you provide Andrew with more technical approved people, so that the performance can be heard really good?

    Greetings and hopes, that you provide your customers with better support, because they give your success in your hands!

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