2003/04/06, Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany

Smoke and Mirrors 2003

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  • Temple of Love
  • Crash and Burn
  • Ribbons
  • We are the Same, Susanne
  • Alice
  • War on Drugs
  • Flood I
  • Will I Dream?
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Summer
  • Anaconda
  • Slept
  • Giving Ground
  • First and Last and Always
  • Romeo Down
  • Flood II
  • I Was Wrong
  • Never Land
  • Lucretia, My Reflection
  • Top Nite Out
  • Vision Thing
  • Thanks to vicus@poison-door.net.

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    Written by Alexander Ord (alexander.ord@btinternet.com) for Dominion mailing list

    Columbiahalle claims on its webpage to be 3,500 capacity and it certainly was rammed. The weather wasn't too great especially as I'd turned up to the gig in my Hawaiian shirt without a jacket when it was beginning to snow. At least out hotel was only two minutes away.

    I thought the new working of Lucretia was fantastic, Adam's guitar part really added a lot to the overall sound. Slept was good, but I need to hear it a few more times. Thought I Was Wrong was sounded great, but it could be in danger of slipping into lighters-held-aloft-territory. Otherwise, much better than Amsterdam, which was not a bad gig itself, but obviously after a few more shows the band's coming together better.

    Can't remember much more that that, apart from getting whacked in the ribs at the front, but at least there wasn't anyone in clogs stamping on our feet as in Amsterdam.

    Top new merchandise for those for whom a gig/tour is not complete without the essential new clothing, e.g. me.

    Finally, I'd like to say I had a top time in Berlin doing the tourist things (Reichstag, Fernsehturm, Checkpoint Charlie, lots of bars etc.) and with the exception of the mad old man berating us for not speaking 'proper' English at the bar at 2am this morning, everyone was really friendly and helpful. The food was pretty good as well.

    It's two down and eight more to go for me. Thanks to Chris and Simon for organization. Gianfranco, perhaps see you at the Forum?.

    Written by Chris Sampson (Chris@cgs123.demon.co.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    A fine performance by the Sisters in Berlin yesterday. Columbiahalle seemed sold out and then some - nearly as packed as Rock City in 2000.

    I thought the show was nicely paced - the momentum seemed to build as the gig progressed. Von's vocals were better, but do seem to get swamped by the Doktor's bass at times.

    The new arrangement of Lucretia is a very fine thing - I like the way they kill it off dead with a shouted "Empire down!".

    "I've slept with every girl in Berlin" is pacey with intricate riffing, lots of words in the verse and you can tell Von relishes the bathos when the music stops and he sings the title.

    I was less convinced by the unplugged I Was Wrong, the guitarists sitting down on flight cases for it didn't help.

    Adam riffing away on the Star Spangled Banner at the start of Flood II was a nod to Hendrix and Von's shouts of "This War Is Wrong" at the end of the best Vision Thing I've heard were emphatic.

    Bring on London!

    Written by Anders Blixt (andersblixt@yahoo.se) for Dominion mailing list

    Perfect setlist! Perfect sound! The Sisters anno 2003 are the best I've seen them, but this is of course individual.

    Von, and yesterday most of all Mr. Whammy, look like they are going to kill someone any moment - it's an industrial groove machine in attack mode! I once knew a guy who looked like Andrew did yesterday, and he had been to prison for serious violence and drug-dealing - you get the point. Chris is climbing up a bit on the rock-god scale, but he's not close to the the other two yet.

    And I just wish that even Berliners behind row five knew how to move their asses! Oh, and speaking of Berlin... this was so much better than Columbiahalle 2001 that it's like comparing different solar systems.

    Highlight of the night (of course): Mr .Whammy smiling broadly for a minute or so after Andrew sang the title line of the new song.

    Written by Christopher Mansfield (chu@christopher95.freeserve.co.uk) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

    Sonic Seducer, Radio eins and Uncle Sally were billed on the ticket as the warm up act. Upon arrival, I caught the last four songs from Sulphur. Whilst Sulphur tired to pass the litman test, I struggled to the merchandising session to collect my Smoke and Mirrors long sleeve t-shirt for 25 euros and then to bar.

    An almost bald Andrew Eldritch walked out with little acrimony to the Temple of Love in a black flight jacket that matched the aviator sunglasses. This was duly followed by Crash and Burn. A welcome return of Ribbons followed, that enabled us to come inside and find or loose ourselves in the dry ice. I was surprised how techno the Sisters now sound coupled with a very good light show.

    This gig saw the return of the signature song of the Sisters titled Alice. Both Flood I and II were played. Andrew also played the new song, which was difficult to follow and unlikely to please. We were treated to a wonderful acoustic version of I Was Wrong. This gig also welcomed the return of Snub Noise without the can can girls. Finally, a non communicative Andrew finished with Vision Thing and wailed that this war is wrong and left the stage.

    The first thing that struck me about the Columbiahalle was that ticket sales were strong and the gig was a sell out. However, one casts a though down memory lane when seeing the Sisters, yes they have survived but are playing at smaller venues than before Andrew Eldritch withdrew from the spotlight in November 1990. Of all of the songs without a doubt the punters liked those taken from Floodland.

    We walked outside to a bitter Berlin night with snow on the ground but our hearts were warm. I wondered how much longer we will wait, travel to Sisters gigs without new material being passed out by someone other than an employee at Camden Market.

    Written by francoisserpent@hotmail.com for Dominion mailing list

    The weather in Berlin wasn't very funny. But everything else was great. Just GREAT.

    Sulpher was better than I was expecting but the singer could be more polite with Sisters fans. I couldn't see who were those he nagged at but I suspect they were good people from Dominion.

    The Sisters gig was great. I havn't seen Sisters so close earlier - I stood in the first row. Well, not in this place were other Dominiotes.

    I can add only my personal thoughts and I really liked those versions of "Lucretia" and "I Was Wrong". Usually I don't like all any unplugged stuff but this time it was really powerful. And I don't talk it because it was Sisters. It was really impressive. The new song isn't bad at all, too.

    Am I right Von wore green "Republic" shirt and there were only girlie size GREEN "Republic" shirts on sale? :)

    I saw the a security man gave little flyers with the word "Aftershow" to some girls standing beside me in the first row.

    And something funny: the first thing I saw through my middle-of-the-city hostel room window were real ducks and other birds somebody breeded. And I discovered absolutely accidentally the exhibition of Kazimir Malevich in Berlin!

    Hi for all of you I met - it was very nice! :) Maybe next time I can talk more with you. Sorry, my wife is very shy and prefers to smoke in the corner. It's hard to imagine she use to be a singer of a band in '88-90 and it wasn't an indie pop band but something like Siouxsie/Xmal Deutschland :))

    Written by Cercies@aol.com for Dominion mailing list

    It was snowing outside yet unbelievably hot inside but it was a really good concert.

    I especially liked the RED effect during First and Last and Always. I loved the re-mixes during the concert and got to hear a lot of my favourite songs except Marian :(

    It was a really cool besides the fact they took my wein at the door and that there was a very pregnant lady in front of me that couldn't stand more than 30 seconds...

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