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Exxile on Euphoria

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Merchandise overview

This information comes from the London gigs.

Tour t-shirts:

Five variations here:

  • Tour t-shirt (black)

    Front: "exxile on euphoria" written as a "cutholes" into the tour logo (picture of Andrew).
    Back: the tour logo picture of Andrew, "sisters", "2001", and dates in two columns, one for February, one for March (names of the months on top of each column). Everything in lowercase, names of towns in local language spellings, font -- standard "newer" one. All letters yellow, except red "2000".
    Sleeve: yellow tour logo (the new MR logo, with "XX" instead of lower right part of the star.
    Possibly there are white t-shirts like this, but they were out of stock in London.

  • Longsleeve tour t-shirt (white or black)

    Same as the above, only with long sleeves. Tour logo just above the elbow. In white version the yellow colors of letters/tour logo are red, red "2001" is yellow. There were only white ones on the second night in London.

  • Hooded longsleeve (white)

    Front: "shut.the.fuck.up" in red lowercase Caslon Antique, big tour logo (MR II) below it -- but no "XX".
    Back: "SISTERS" in red hollow Caslon Antique, with "on the howling edge" written just below it (similar to the "to the planet edge" below "SISTERS" in 1999).
    No tour logo on sleeves.

  • Hooded longsleeve (black)

    All black, on front "SISTERS" written in black. Yup, black on black. No idea what's on the back.

  • York t-shirt

    This was only available in York gig, and was given to all ticketholders for free. Keepsake for years to come.

    Standard Reptile House line t-shirts:

  • Merciful Release (black with new logo in bright white on front, SISTERS in white -- so called "MRII")
  • Utterly Bastard Groovy
  • Sisters Gegen Nazis
  • And the kissing and the colour come crashing down

    Non-Sisters things

  • Chris Starling CD (12 GBP)
  • Chris Starling longsleeve t-shirt ("sexgod rockstar" on front, "chris starling" on sleeve) (20 GBP)
  • Tinstar t-shirt (10 GBP)

    Other nice things

  • Sisters winter cap (aka "pudelmütze" in Germany, "touques" in Canada, and, reportedly, "ugly" in USA)
  • Underneath the Rock 7, 10 (at least those were advertised)
  • To the Planet Edge bumper sticker (2 GBP)
  • To the Planet Edge and Trip the Light Fantastic backstage/photo passes (2 GBP each)
  • Glasperlenspiel 04
  • White and black small-sized t-shirt with new Merciful Release logo in black and green (To the Planet Edge style) on front (so-called "white skinny").
  • Same as above, only black ("black skinny").
  • Probably more collectors items -- the swags usually don't show them all up front, like the swags they are.

    Glasperlenspiel was sold out as early as Hamburg, but this must have had something to do with one of boxes with the zine getting in trouble in London, making the issues inside unsoldable. You can still order them via their webpage. Stickers were gone somewhere in Germany, before Cologne. Caps appeared on or slightly before Stuttgart gig, and were apparently not available by the Zurich gig.

    Prices: normal t-shirts 14 GBP/800 BEF/40 DM, skinny t-shirts 15 GBP/40 DM, longsleeves and white hooded thing 18 GBP/1100 BEF/50 DM, black hooded monster 28 GBP/80 DM. UTRs/GPSs went for 1 GBP/100 BEF/5 DM. GBP denotes prices in British pounds, BEF in Belgique francs, DM in German marks, as were set in appropriate countries.

    Picture used as tour logo by Alexa Williamson, cap picture by Jochen Upheber. Thanks also to Jan Fransen, Pierre Frankignoul, Christian Wojtysiak, Robin Colman, Jan Piatkowski.

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