16th FEBRUARY 2001


            England,  York,  Vanbrugh College
    on the Heslington Campus of York University.
    doors open at 20:00, Sisters on stage at 21:30. 

    Click here for town map and campus map.

    Ticket sales will be online ONLY and by credit card ONLY, via the link below. The venue has been slightly rebuilt since we first played there exactly twenty years ago, and the hall is now even smaller, so ONLY 250 tickets will be sold!

    The online ticket office will open at 12:00 (midday) on Friday 9th February 2001.

    You can order tickets here as soon as the ticket office opens.

    The venue is not licensed for public entertainment, so the tickets referred to on this page are membership tickets.

    To control crowd numbers at this particular venue we have to sell tickets in advance ONLY. We have to charge money for them because otherwise your Continental friends would order two hundred free ones each before remembering that they live outside the land of dead trains, whereupon they would keep the tickets as souvenirs and leave us to perform for Speedy Dave alone. (Sorry Dave, but it's not supposed to look that way.)

    In keeping with the Sisters' tradition of free gigs, however, we intend to hand out free and special swag to ticket holders on their way out of the venue at the end of the evening's festivities, so keep hold of your ticket stub / wriststrap / whatever.

    Thank you to Steve Homer and the Mean Fiddler Organisation for organising this event without getting paid for it.