2001/02/22, Astoria, London, UK

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"'Hey now, hey now-na-now', moody Goth shortarse Andrew Eldritch -- who apparently spends most of his time nowadays twiddling knobs at home in Germany -- returns yet again with his legendary '80s doom merchants The Sisters Of Mercy and hits like 'Lucretia (My Reflection)' and 'This Corrosion'. Marvellous news for his legions of pansticked fans." -- TimeOut (London's mag renown for its entertainment listings), February 21-28 2001.

The band is back in London for a doublenighter in what has become a yearly tradition religiously kept since 1997. This time the fun moved to Astoria theater in the city center. Before becoming prime venue for popular middle sized Ticketmaster rock/pop shows, trade fairs and such Astoria theater used to be a real theater, and the acoustic qualities of the hall are still impressive. Naturally, the sound was clearer at the back than in the front, but that's how things go everywhere.

The crowd was generally calm with exception of ten first rows, where violence sometimes was manifested too eagerly (read a discussion about the violence here). This first show hadn't sold out, the second, slated for Friday succeeded in it.

The band were in top form, and despite a seriously looking security at the entrance, there were quite a few photos and recorders; a video of the gigs also exists. The setlist was a drastic rearrangement without much similarity to the previous ventures, first few songs and encores aside. It featured the first performance of Flood I this tour.

In both shows Andrew changed line "head on back to Kirkstall" to "head on back to Leeds 13"; if I'm not mistaken, on the first day he did it while looking at the UK following, in large part made of the Leeds crowd. Leeds 13 (aka LS13) is on of Leeds postcode districts (UK postcodes are explained in detail here).

To get an idea of the connection between Leeds 13 and Eldritch, look at this map. The circled thing is the ASDA supermarket in Pudsey, to which Andrew invited people to come and meet him during the Leeds gig; the location was specified as "ASDA in New Pudsey". the New Pudsey train station is also on the map, slightly on the left from ASDA. The Leeds city center is outside the map limits, to the right. On the very right edge of the map is Kirkstall (Leeds 5), and between it and the ASDA is Bramley, also known as Leeds 13. Making conclusions is left as an exercise for the reader.

Support acts: Tin Star, Dave Thomas and Two Pale Boys.

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  • First and Last and Always
  • Ribbons
  • Come Together
  • Crash and Burn
  • Body Electric
  • Summer
  • Will I Dream?
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Flood I
  • Alice
  • Giving Ground
  • We are the Same, Susanne
  • Romeo Down
  • On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
  • Anaconda
  • Vision Thing
  • War on Drugs
  • Capricorn
  • I Didn't Know I Loved You ('Till I Saw You Rock'n'Roll)
  • Snubnose
  • Temple of Love
  • Thanks to Andrius Sytas.

    Alternative setlists

  • Von is obviously cold - he's wearing two sweatshirts and a white leather jacket
  • Chris obviously has broken his knee, and he spends all this song tilted at a funny angle, and about 4 foot tall
  • I remember this one from the NEC back in 1993
  • Attack of the sleeveless t-shirt wankers who think dancing equates with fighting
  • I've shagged people younger than this song
  • It's been 3 summers since I first heard this. And it's still unreleased. Despite it being a spanking new single, allegedly
  • Von attempts to hold a staring competition with the crowd. He blinks and nobody notices because he wears sunglasses indoors. Therefore he wins.
  • Oh, a hit single. Lets form a massive circle and run around barechested yelling and punching people.
  • An anthem to nuclear apocalypse. Form human pyramids, gothboys, and celebrate your impending doom.
  • Von has a fag smoking competition and fluffs up the words because he's too busy standing around and looking at girls.
  • It's quite OK that you cover a song you wrote for somebody else 15 years ago to stop your former bandmates having a career.
  • Erm. Sorry. I just headbutted someone by mistake. My teeth are further inside my head than before.
  • Someone in a football shirt wants to fight me.
  • An old b-side that was recorded 17 years ago and has never been on CD, crossbred with a old Leonard Cohen Song
  • Hmm. Must stalk around stage in smoke appearing cool to hide fact that I am a Star Trek fan and a computer geek.
  • Taking drugs with the president is cool.
  • Another new song on that never to be recorded fourth album... there's only twelve songs in the set that aren't on any Sisters Of Mercy CD's. What's one more?
  • We are Motorhead. With a drum machine.
  • We are the Glitter Band. With a drum machine. Funny. Ironic... Boring
  • Can't even be bothered to write lyrics for this one. Another Fag Break for the dark prince of geeks.
  • Hit single from 1983 in a obscurity-packed set. Shame there's only half the song. But one half of one song recorded one fifth of a century ago is better than nowt. Do as the T-Shirt says. Shut The Fuck Up.
  • By Mark Reed (thegenius@btinternet.com).

  • Can't remember
  • Err,
  • Umm
  • Ribbons?
  • Copped a nasty bruise on the shin
  • Thumped in the ribs
  • Getting a bit serious in the moshpit
  • really no idea what was going on
  • ???
  • One of the new ones?
  • Marge's underwear on display
  • Trip to the bar
  • Von looks like he's enjoying it
  • Vision Thing
  • War on Drugs
  • Couple of covers thrown in for good measure
  • Snub Nose
  • Temple

  • And the final score - the rock concert in excelsis: a stormer.
  • By Chris Sampson (Chris@cgs123.demon.co.uk).

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    Written by Rob Fakes (rob@kebra.co.uk) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

    After a Nasty Few hours on the train, and the sudden realization that it's as hard to breathe in our hovel of a capital as it is to get a decent pint of Bitter, I finally made it to the Astoria at about eight. Rather peeving as I'd greatly enjoyed David Thomas and Two Pale Boys at the three out of four dates they had graced so far, and didn't want to miss as much of them as I did. Not too distressing though, as Tinstar put in another blinder and whipped the more mashed/panstick free sections at the front of the crowd into a frenzy of appreciation and anticipation. Shoulder lifts during the support act was a nice thing to see.

    As ever I acted appallingly stupidly for the entire duration of the Sisters set, but the only ever shouting for Motorhead songs thing worked (well after four or five years) so what the hell. Ribbons was as ever, blinding, but the real highlights for me these days are the new tracks, which it is really encouraging to see improving and maturing over the space of the last couple of tours. Summer is turning into a monster, and even War on Drugs is sounding astonishingly good, considering how unsure I was of it when it first appeared. Snubnose and Come Together are two songs it would be a tragedy never to see on shiny vinyl, and I can't vouch for the whole crowd as I'm too short to see them, but down the front over this tour it's starting to resemble NMA/Slayer type behavior to certain tunes, which is just peachy with me. Without a doubt seeing the Sisters do Capricorn live is mindbuggeringly entertaining, and the Doktor really pins it down into an industro-monster, rather than killing it as it could well have.

    What else to say? I remember very little after leaving (sober but still concussed from a couple of days beforehand), other than looking forward to the following day even more. A great show from a great British leg, I only wish I could afford to do Germany, but Dresden and back bloody squinted me last summer (never pillion to East Germany!), York was special, Leeds was stunning, Notts redeemed itself for last year and only Brum really failed to ignite.

    See you in the summer, unless someone can bloody work out where to get tickets for the Portugal gig!

    Written by Don F Robertson (vonbek@globalnet.co.uk) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

    A stop at the George allows me to catch up with a few familiar faces from M'era Luna last years and the earlier dates of this tour. A few celebratory drinks later we arrive at the Astoria in time to catch Tin Star. The performance is good and does indeed serve as a suitable warm up for the Sisters.

    First and Last and Always kicks off the main set and the crowd duly erupts into a frenzy of movement. Ribbons is followed by Come Together, which appears to have been reinstated since Leeds. The only other notable change is the use of War On Drugs to open the first encore. Eldritch is less talkative than York or Leeds, although I wasn't at either of the Nottingham or Birmingham gigs, so I can't say if this is the product of his well documented dislike for London.

    Overall the gig is fast and furious - a prime example of what Eldritch has referred to as the band's current "stonkathon". All of the unreleased tracks that have appeared between 1993-2000 are played tonight, which may be a first. I leave tired but happy and looking forward to tomorrow's nights performance.

    Written by Geoffrey Elliott (geoffrey.elliott@uk.arthurandersen.com) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

    Before the Forum dates last September I hadn't seen the Sisters since London in 1990. Long time. Wasn't sure what to expect but was very surprised that the new songs, especially Summer, Crash and Burn and War on Drugs, were great. Had a great time, jumped up and down and got right back into it.

    Consequently was very much looking forward to the latest gigs and they lived up to my expectations. I love the set and the lights, though there was not as much smoke this time which was a shame. Sound was good, the new songs are a bit more familiar now and the mix between old and new was good. Eldritch looks a very happy man these days and seems to enjoy the on stage experience. He's certainly more mobile than he used to be. Adam is fantastic, what a superb guitarist. Sheehan is a fine foil for him. Their little jam on Snubnose is great.

    Highlight song? Always Alice for me, pity they didn't play Jolene, one of my live favorites.

    You never know, one day we may get a new album...

    Written by Pete French (pete@toybox.twisted.org.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > Just back from the show. Some 20 minutes after it. People must be still
    > dancing in the venue - after the lights went on some music and impromptu
    > disco started.

    That'll be Rex from The Electric ballroom then. He's not normally that good, we left after he started descending into his usual techno-metal set.

    Written by Marge (godgirl@twisted.org.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > Marge's underwear on display

    you *whot*?


    I'll get a reputation.

    P.S. shall i wear purple knickers tonight?

    Ad (from TimeOut) scanned by Bart Kalita (admin@bart-domain.com), Astoria picture by Tina von Stein (t_von_stein@hotmail.com), bigger version is here.

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