2001/02/16, Vanbrugh College, York University, York, UK

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"They proved me right, they proved me wrong, but they could never last this long"
Capricorn by Motörhead, as performed at all gigs of the Exxile on Euphoria tour.

Yummy yummy yummy What can be a better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary since a band played their first gig and thus "started again, properly", than use the occasion to play a free gig for fans in that very same venue?

The first clue that the gig is going to take place was given on November 13, when the official live news page was amended with "You may well assume that we'll start gloating about it on February 16, in an appropriate manner and place." As Leeds University, where the band celebrated their 10th live anniversary, was already scheduled for February 17th, York was the most reasonable guess for "appropriate place". Paul Norton off the York University reported that the fact that the Sisters will play in its Vanbrugh College was known in the as early as January, and was even advertised in local student newspaper Nouse. Nobody knew where to get the tickets though. The first official announcement of venue and tickets appeared on the official live news page on February 9; the announcement page is saved here. Tickets to the "free" gig cost around 20 GBP, which was later offsetted by the special gift to ticketholders. Sure as hell, the tickets, limited to one per credit card and posting address, were gone in hours after the announcement.

The only being present both at the start and the end of the 20 years interval was Andrew Eldritch -- of the original 1981 band, Craig Adams with his openly anti-Eldritch attitude wasn't likely to have been anywhere near, and Gary Marx, who was reportedly denied the return to the band two times in 90s but still kept a friendly line with Andrew, wasn't spotted by anybody, anywhere. As to the faithful drum machine, only its name survived the 20 years: back in 1981 it was Boss DR55, nowadays it's a custom-built PC clone running on DOS (IBM 5150, the original IBM PC with DOS 1.0 was announced on August 12, 1981, half a year after the Sisters kickoff; the 4 MHz, 0.25 MB RAM, 0.16 MB HDD beast with 11.5" black/green text-only monitor cost in excess of $3000). Of other persons in the venue in 1981, it's highly unlikely that anybody from the audience perceived the connected between the Temple of Love and the strange Thompson Twins support types making a point with very, very loud noise in small college hall in York.

To further on the differences, on February 16, 1981, Andrew Eldritch was one of two founding members of the original band -- more precisely, in Eldritch's own words, "Andrew was part of the project because he was just about the only person who was happy to play the drums without doing anything fancy on the tom-toms and cymbals. He didn't know how to." (first single story in full is here). Obviously, Andrew's input increased as the band transformed from joke-on-vinyl stage towards becoming a tight live machine, but still was just one of the guys. And this position sharply contrasts with the status of the band 20 years later, when The Sisters of Mercy IS Andrew Eldritch, from voice to songs to equipment to supervision to Grand Idea to what everybody expect to see. Indeed, nobody even thought of complaining of the lack of any participation from the rest of the 1981 lineup, and no other member of the band or the crew can echo Andrew in his "this is my birthday" with keeping a straight face on.

Despite the obvious anticipation of some fans, the setlist was very standard for the tour, and, the only thing unique to this gig as opposed to other shows was the rare performance of Amphetamine Logic. No truly nostalgic one-offs were present, not even a Sister Ray rage for the fan audience (this seems to have been killed after the Mexico affair in 1999). But then, Sisters were never known for their nostalgia, and all previous occasions to showcase the bows to their musical past were neglected.

Yet the setlist still had one thing same as 20 years ago: the cover of Leonard Cohen's Teachers was the very first thing they've played live, and it still was played in 2001, only this time squeezed into a song by Andrew Eldritch, as it is being performed every year since 1993 (the original version of Teachers was taken off stage sometime in 1981/82).

Many fans noted that the strength of the gig wasn't the songs in the setlist or even the performance itself -- the main highlight was what one of the reviewers described as "lovely party atmosphere". The venue was extremely small, and all 250 ticket holders came there with a special event in the mind -- and for some the travel to York involved crossing several borders. The unity of the audience showed perfectly after the main set with an impromptu "Happy Birthday Dear Sisters" to the bowing Andrew Eldritch.

The band were perfectly aware what kind of crowd to expect, and everybody present were rewarded with a special t-shirt and galore of cakes marked "XX" to compensate having to pay for what what planned as a free gig. On top of that, Andrew Eldritch was seen messing in the audience section both before and after the show, and was chatting to everybody wishing after it.

There's controversy surrounding the question on where exactly the first Sisters gig took place. For years it was thought that the venue was Alcuin College of the same York University: Andrew J. Pinnell writes in his Heartland Anthology (it features the only attempt at comprehensive Sisters history ever written; quoted from second edition, 1992): "In Issue One of 'Heartland' I wrongly stated that the gig took place in Leeds, I now know that it was in fact at Alcuin College at the University of York on 16th February 1981 supporting the then experimental Thompson Twins." In the introduction to that same second edition he states: "Since the Anthology was first published I have had conversations with Andrew Eldritch which have enabled me to correct many of the misconceptions originally stated". All this makes it highly possible that Alcuin College was indeed mentioned by Andrew Eldritch as the first gig's venue -- it's highly unlikely that if Pinnell got the tip about Alcuin from another source he would've missed the opportunity to check it with Andrew Eldritch. Now regular Eldritch listeners would assure you that what Andrew says is not always what you'd call "whole truth and nothing but the truth", but it always serves a clearly defined purpose; whether Alcuin College theory originated from rare Andrew's mistake or Vanbrugh College theory became the Official Version of Reality because of unavailability of Alcuin College for the 20th anniversary gig or some other objective reason remains an open question.

Either way, Sisters played in Vanbrugh College several times in 1982, and the 1982/02/05 performance scored them the first review in the national UK music press:

"Attached to the microphone like it was a failing life support is Spiggy; alias Andy, a skinny black clad thing from the corners of night, kept alive by ginger beer...

"As Dr (sic) Avalanche pumps through the P.A. like a battery of AK47's the bespectacled Gunn cowers behind his guitar at the back of the stage. A slight and tremulous figure, how can he be caught up in this hideous barrage of sound? He won't tell me and won't have his picture taken.

"Next to, one in front of him, other guitarist Marx has no such scruples. A burly figure in boots and thick socks, he storms and rages through the song, playing chords with his hands and crushing the stage with his feet. On bass the stocky and stalwart John Langford seems to be in control of his new career -- he used to drum for The Mekons."

(Melody Maker 1982/02/27, written by Adam Sweeting; as quoted in Heartland).

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  • First and Last and Always
  • Ribbons
  • Train/Detonation Boulevard
  • Anaconda
  • Crash and Burn
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Summer
  • Body Electric
  • We are the Same, Susanne
  • Giving Ground
  • Will I Dream?
  • Amphetamine Logic
  • Romeo Down
  • Alice
  • Flood II
  • Temple of Love
  • Happy Birthday Dear Sisters (performed by the audience)
  • Capricorn
  • I Didn't Know I Loved You ('Till I Saw You Rock'n'Roll)
  • Snubnose
  • This Corrosion
  • Vision Thing
  • Thanks to Amanda Stevens (clue_les@hotmail.com) and Darren Marsland (darjammar@ntlworld.com).

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    Written by Don F Robertson (vonbek@globalnet.co.uk) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours webzine

    Having been one of those fortunate enough to get a ticket for the Sisters' Twentieth Anniversary gig at York's Vanbrugh College, it seemed only appropriate to review the show for the benefit of this site.

    The gig is held twenty years to the day in the same hall that the original Sisters made their debut, and both the peculiarity and small size of the venue are somewhat overwhelming. All in all, it lends a suitable air of occasion to the proceedings.

    At half past nine, after a brief burst of intro music, the Sisters take the stage to the drumbeat of First And Last And Always. Ribbons, Train/Detonation Boulevard and Crash And Burn follow, with both the band and the crowd warming up together. The limited crowd makes it possible remain stage front without the usual crush, affording myself an excellent view. The newer songs are interspersed with classics such as Body Electric, Alice, Temple Of Love and Amphetamine Logic (which Eldritch states is obviously meant metaphorically, as he wouldn't want us to do anything bad). For myself, this is pretty much the perfect fantasy set list, which includes an excellent Dominion/Mother Russia and culminates in a storming rendition of Temple Of Love.

    The crowd sings Happy Birthday and is duly rewarded by the first of the night's encores. Motörhead's Capricorn is followed by another cover - this time it's Garry Glitter who get the treatment - before a wailing siren announces Protosonic. In a moment of almost of almost surreal absurdity Eldritch appears in the gap between the stage and the barrier armed with a baker's tray of small cakes. He passes out the cakes, iced with a pink XX, to the front row of the audience. Others members of the Sisters' entourage circulate the hall handing out these miniature birthday cakes to the remainder of the audience. A bemused audience eats cake while Adam and Chris finish hamming up their role as guitar heroes.

    The Sisters return for a final encore starting with This Corrosion. Midway through the song Eldritch trips and careers across the stage. He recovers his balance and throws the offending microphone stand off the stage, narrowly missing the girl in the pit who has been filming the show with a camcorder. Moments later he smiles to show he's regained his composure and encourages the audience to sing along to the chorus. Vision Thing, seeming more apt than ever now that George W Bush has followed his father into the White House, brings the gig to a triumphant close.

    With the house lights on, all that remains is to collect the "free and special swag" as promised on the Sisters' web site. Due to the fact the venue is not licensed for public entertainment it has been necessary to charge a £15 membership fee for what is ostensibly a free warm up gig. "Members" are duly reimbursed with an exclusive long sleeve T-shirt. The black shirt is decorated in icing sugar pink, reflecting the evening's birthday theme. The truncated version of the new logo is surrounded by the legend, "Icing the Body Electric. Sisters on Cake." A phonetic play on the Walt Whitman poem I Sing The Body Electric, from which the title of the Sister's second single was derived. The sleeves are adorned with birthday candles and bullets, while the back caries the "cog" design and the lettering, "Exxile on Euphoria. 16.02.81 York 16.02.01."

    Written by George Carless (kafka93@home.com) for Dominion mailing list

    Well, I just got back, having decided that I couldn't really take the piss out of my employers by staying up north for another night, and having decided that enough cash had been spanked already. So --

    The Vanbrugh campus was actually a surprisingly decent size, IMHO, and was far from crowded -- perhaps 200 people, tops. Ignore the naysayers on Dominion, who (as ever) are completely missing the point by wishing the Sisters would revisit old material that wouldn't really cut it live, at any rate. No new materials, as noted, but what was there was stonking. The sound problems weren't much of a problem, really; generally, this seemed much more a "real" gig than a mere warmup rehearsal through regular amps. The Sisters were on fine form: jovial, rocking away, and evidently having a good time. As too were the audience; a generally good-natured bunch who were obviously well-pleased (and rather smug) to be there. Nice to meet those of you from the list that I did, who're obviously all far more knowledgeable than I when it comes to all things Sisters.

    Capricorn was blinding; I must quietly confess to not having known the song pre-gig; however, hearing it played led me to buy a Motorhead album which has since been blasting its way down my headphones. The Glitter cover was brilliant -- perfectly suited to the Sisters, and IMHO a real joy to hear. The choice of covers was, indeed, less oblique than in previous outings, but no worse for that.

    The new songs were sounding good -- I've changed my mind on "Will I Dream", and decided that it lacks a certain punch; perhaps it was better when I heard it in the States, perhaps (as Rob would have it) because of Eldritch's "let's explain it to the stupid yanks" head shaking and finger waggling. War of Drugs was left out, again, although it made a return in Leeds -- still not the best live song, if you ask me, since it takes so long to get moving. When it does, it's great, but it's a long time coming.

    Nothing very much else to add except -- if you get the chance, go see 'em. I'll be in London; I might even try to work out a bit in the meantime so I can join in the (rather hectic) crowd to a greater extent, although I'm always quite content to just stand back and admire the spectacle that both the band and a decent Sisters audience provide -- and bat kept his shirt on, heaven be praised =D^)

    Written by Darren Marsland (darjammar@ntlworld.com) for Dominion mailing list

    A superb evening up north, after a 5 hour train journey! (York is cool.)

    Intro/build-up started with "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow":

      Tonight, I'll give my love to you
      And I'll give my heart to you
      And I'll do the things you want me to
      Tonight, I'll hear all your fantasies
      And I'll keep them near to me
      Til we reach the morning sun


    Well, we thought it funny...

    Set-list as per previous notes. Stunning set (except for those odd high-end drop-outs).

    Massive barrage of XX cakes towards Von at the end. He seemed to love the evening (especially Capricorn - "...but they could never last this long".)

    For the benefit of those not there, the "free and special swag" was black, longsleeved, with pink printing. Dates on back, bullets down one arm, candles down the other. Front print has "ICING THE BODY ELECTRIC" and "SISTERS ON CAKE".

      The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them;
      They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,
      And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the Soul.

      I SING the Body electric - Walt Whitman (1819­1892).

    Written by Amanda Stevens (clue_les@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    > I am not impressed. But it was a was up kinda thing right? So, let's hope
    > tonight-now!- will see a more varied setlist. I mean how long can we sustain
    > on the same songs?
    > I know, whine whine, moan moan..

    You are just so wrong.

    I really don't think it mattered that much that there were no new songs. They rocked. It was a great gig, with just so many special ingredients.

    Eldritch was in great spirits. Lots of eye contact with the audience. Lots of banter. The audience was great and there was a lovely party atmosphere. Everyone joined in to sing a rousing "Happy Birthday Dear Sisters" when the band went offstage before the first encore. Eldritch came back on while we sang to him - smiles and bows.

    Security were incredibly friendly. No problems with cameras or anything like that. Even the vodka and cranberry tasted better than ever ;-) The Capricorn/Glitter medley was great fun, and many joined in to sing along.

    Earlier in the gig Eldritch gave us a subtle hint at what was to come, peeling off one of his favorite loud flowery shirts, to reveal his 'Sisters on Cake T-shirt'. Then, while 'Mr. Whammy' and Chris played Snub Nose, Eldritch suddenly appeared behind the security barrier carrying this huge tray of fairy cakes, white iced with pink 'XX' on top. It was just an amazing sight. Hands reached in while Eldritch smiled and joked with the audience. Some people got a tad overexcited, and by the time the band came back onstage for the second encore, a bit of a cake fight had broken out - with even the band not escaping. Incoming!

    The lady filming the gig wasn't too chuffed at getting smacked on the back of the head, and turned around to try and catch the culprits on film!

    After the gig Andrew was walking about the venue for a while, shaking hands, joking and laughing with people, and signing autographs. I managed to meet him and get my setlist signed, which was, for me, the absolute icing on the cake!

    Love to all the old and new friends I met at the gig. Hopefully see you all in London!

    Written by Tina von Stein (t_von_stein@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    On Friday we had a great birthday party with The Sisters of Mercy at Vanbrugh College in York!!!

    But let's start from the beginning: we left Berlin in the early morning. At the airport we've met the first Sisters fan heading to York!! the world is so small.

    Then there was the Dominion meeting at the Deramore Arms pub. It was really interesting and nice to meet some other list members. We then headed towards the venue. It was rather bizarre to pass the campus with its long corridors, like being back in school... The Vanbrugh College is very small, but it was not too crowded. I guess there would have been enough space for about 400 people.

    I must confess something now: after being a fan for half of my life this was my first Sisters gig!! And I enjoyed it so much, the smoke, the colors, stroboscope lights, old classics like Alice, Body Electric and some new classics. I loved Amphetamine Logic and I missed Marian, but I heard he does not perform it anymore. Why? Someone told me that Anaconda was played, but, well, I did not recognize it.

    As it was my first Sisters concert, I noticed for the first time the "acrobatic stuff". I mean people climbing on each others shoulders, sitting or even standing. Someone told me its a typical "ritual" at Sisters gigs. It was great!! I think each band has certain rituals, at Morrissey concerts it is throwing flowers (I knew beforehand I could not write a review without mentioning beloved mozzer's name)

    After the concert eldritch was standing around with his audience and we shook hands! I shook his hands and said "thanks". Then I asked "where are the goodies? (because at that time we did not know where to get them). He pointed out to the merchandise stall and said "over there". Again I said thanks.

    OK the free and special swag was not a cd - it was a t-shirt: black with long arms. Twenty pink lit candles on the right arm, twenty bullets (pink) on the left arm. The shirt is deeply hidden in my bag right now and I cannot describe the motives. There are the dates (16.02.81 and 16.02.01) on it, everything in pink and white. on the front it says: icing the body electric, sisters on cake".

    Concerning cake: small birthday cakes were handed out!! With a very sweet white topping with a pink XX on them. People in the front row received their cakes from AE personally! And during a break we all sang happy birthday.

    We had a great time and we are looking forward to seeing the Sisters again in Leeds!!! And thanks again, George, for helping us with the taxi!

    Written by Rob Fakes (rob@kebra.co.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > He asked for CAPRICORN! (I know this because I was standing next to the
    > guy who shouted for it - imagine his surprise when they played it later
    > on!)

    It was me asking for Capricorn, I have been for years. Ever since the last Brixton shows, and yes I was bloody surprised that they actually played it! Sodding heaven in a basket! I under no circumstances asked Von to get his penis out, as I find the idea rather upsetting to be honest! Bleeeeeeeuuuuurgh! That was someone else. I think the "You'll regret that later..." was in response to whoever made that suggestion rather than me.

    The treble kept cutting out on one side of the P.A. Didn't put much of a damper on the gig, but I imagine it would spoil the boots somewhat. I can't wait to get home and have a listen after work.

    Written by Pete French (pete@toybox.twisted.org.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    Not really a lot to add is there? Other than the fact that for me and the handful of others who actually went to York University, and spend the latter half of the 80's sitting around those bars discussing indie bands and such stuff as the Sisters it was a very strange experience. The number of other gigs I have seen in those dining halls on campus over the years - and as they tend to be abysmal venues I think Von and the boys did an excellent job. Good gigs in Vanbrugh have always been a rarity! Saw so many old friends too - ex members of this list and new members as well, plus a substantial number of ghosts from my past :-)

    Only other point worth making is that Nottingham this time round was excellent, and a mach needed antidote to memories of the last gig there. Von looked pretty chuffed with it too. As well he should be.

    Well, one weekend finished, another three weeks to go - god knows what I shall be like by Vienna at this rate ! :-)

    See you on tour...

    Written by Ian Palmer (i.j.palmer@Bradford.ac.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    Well, without wishing to be a party pooper, I thought York lacked atmosphere and Mr E seemed to be going through the motions. Buns or no buns. And seeing as the only gig in the last jaunt I saw was Rock City, which sucked, I was about to give on the elderly Eldritch.

    Fortunately I already had a ticket for Saturday so I thought I might as well go. Just as well because it was superb. The man obviously enjoys a bigger crowd more. Let's hope he doesn't end up playing 250 capacity venues all the time. Cos it doesn't suit him.

    But did you see the young lady after show in York who claimed to be Mr Shaky Hand Man (from Banzai) and wouldn't let Andrew's hand go whilst asking him banal questions like "Did you get your sunglasses from Top Man?" Ace.

    Written by sadnerd@heartland.karoo.co.uk for Dominion mailing list

    What can I say... phuqing kewl! Just got back from York. Brilliant gig despite some sound problems (the top end dropped a few times from where I was). I'm sure someone more alert than me will give the full track listing, but it followed familiar lines with (I think) 'Capricorn' and that Glitter Band track as encores. I haven't lost my Cheshire Cat grin yet!

    Saw Andy with his missus early on. I was looking around though cos usually people tell me I've walked past him and didn't notice! I think he was chatting after the gig too, as we did a runner.

    Small 'birthday cakes' were being handed out during the encores, and the freebie was a unique T-shirt.

    Going now, knacked. Have to recover for tomorrow!

    Written by Barry Briggs (barryb@pilotinteractive.co.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    Right. I'm home. And York was f**kin great :)

    For all you that didn't make it, the set list was fairly standard except for the Motörhead/Gary Glitter medley (Capricorn/Didn't Know I Loved You 'till I Saw You Rock and Roll). The treble kept cutting out - a dodgy speaker cable perhaps?

    Any-road-up, it was smashin :)

    And the free gift-thang is a long-sleeved, black (natch!) tee shirt that says "icing the body electric - sisters on cake" on the front and "exxile on euphoria - 16.02.81 york 16.02.01" on the back in pink and white (not as vile as it sounds actually!!!), with bullets on on sleeve and candles on the other...

    And Von handed out fairy cakes at the end of the gig with XX (20 in roman numerals) written in pink icing on the top :) Couldn't eat them alas coz I'm vegan :( (just guessing, but I think they had egg in them... *sigh*). Enough people seemed to be throwing them about - I even found a tray-full outside afterwards!

    Anyways, there were a couple of guys with digital cameras so expect a few photos online soon (security was numerous but not strict) from various sources.

    All in all, bloody good gig :)

    No sign of that 'maximum jack' thang :( ho humm, never mind - see y'all in Leeds tomorrow (or is that later tonight???)

    BTW, excuse the typos - I'm pissed :) LOL!

    Written by Sam Watson (sjwatson@nyx.net) for Dominion mailing list

    Just a note, as everything's been said already and its all bloody opinion anyway so who cares who agrees with what? :)

    It was good to see Andy back in Leeds enjoying himself, the sound system was in better nick and the setlist was longer - my problem was I had to deal with two Euro-twats intent on touching up my girlfriend for some of the session (Wellington was right!). I think many of the audience were nonplussed by Dave Thing and the Two Pale Boys - my Irish mate was convinced they were extras from 'Deliverance'. The bloke on the left had a stunning voice though.

    For me York was the better gig, crap speakers notwithstanding. Tiny audience, AE on fine form and seemingly very at ease. A short set-list, sure, but the small venue and the 'special feel' (twenty quid a go behind the bike shed) contributed a lot. WHY didn't I stay to see him in the hall at the end? Argh argh...

    Written by Andrew Semple (androo_s@yahoo.com) for Dominion mailing list

    > WHY didn't I stay to see him in the hall at the end? Argh argh...

    Likewise - I could kick myself for that. Probably the best chance I'll ever get to meet the guy and I blew it! Still, I was lucky to be in the front row when he was passing round the cakes, and as most people have agreed, the first 2 gigs have been absolute stunners.

    I wasn't going to go to York at first. I'm very glad that I changed my mind.

    Written by Simon Ludlam (simon.ludlam@communisis-one.co.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > Likewise - I could kick myself for that.

    I did stay behind and meet Andrew. He signed my Vision Thing Prog. Who says this man is untouchable, although somebody asked him for a kiss and he backed WAY OFF!!!

    Written by Fraser Neilson (fraser.neilson@ehsrealtime.com) for Dominion mailing list

    > somebody asked him for a kiss and he backed WAY OFF!!!

    Yes that was really funny. The girl in question said "Give me your autograph and I'll give you a kiss". As she moved in for the kill, Eldritch replied "You will not!" and darted backwards like a rocket. I wonder if she's still a fan?

    Written by Amanda Stevens (clue_les@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    > As she moved in for the kill, Eldritch replied "You will not!" and darted
    > backwards like a rocket.

    Yeah, I saw that too. I thought she'd already managed to get his autograph though, and then she moved towards him saying "You don't mind if I give you a kiss?" (presumably to show her gratitude ;-)). I seem to remember his response containing rather stronger language :), more along the lines of "Yes, I f**king well do!!!!!!" He moved backwards away from her so fast, I think he almost fell over.

    Sorry but it was very funny.

    Written by Filip De Weweire (filipdeweweire@skynet.be) for Dominion mailing list


    Just for information: In York and Leeds, there was a woman (what a woman!!! :o)) with a VIP pass. I just wanna know who she is and to who she is related to. ;o))

    She's enormously handsome, red hair (half long), tiny, was dressed in leather pants on Friday, grey dress on Saturday. So... Who's the lucky band-member with whom she is? What's her name?

    Getting into bed -- didn't get any sleep in about two days.

    Written by Filip De Vos (filip.de.vos@pandora.be) for Dominion mailing list

    > I just wanna know who she is and to who she is related to. ;o))

    She was with Eldritch and here name is Chantal. She almost raped me when she saw my apoptygma shirt (= positive :-))

    Written by Simon Cardwell (s.cardwell@csl.gov.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    That American woman at York several people have mentioned - yes I remember her. Stunning indeed! Jeez I had no idea she was with Von. She seemed quite sloshed, as was I, when we got talking at the bar, and thought I looked like Quentin Tarantino (eh??!) In fact most people I spoke to were well tanked-up, probably due to the sheer spirit of the occasion and the cheap beer on offer.

    It's also worth mentioning that out of the 3 gigs so far, York featured the heaviest use of strobe lighting. I did think the sound and lights were better overall at Leeds and Nottingham but there's no denying York had that special something that will be remembered for years to come. And it's not everyday I get to see my favorite band perform just down the road from where I live! The new covers, Capricorn and Didn't Know I Loved Ya... sound fantastic, BTW. You lucky people over on the mainland are certainly in for a treat next week.

    Written by Barry Briggs (barryb@pilotinteractive.co.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > I just wanna know who she is and to who she is related to. ;o))

    She was American, and she was kissing Von at the bar in York when we first got let in.

    I gather that at the end of the gig tho, she had passed out at the bar and was lying on the floor! LOL! Splendid!

    I didn't see her collapsed - was told about it later. I gather she looked pissed out of her mind. Can anyone confirm?

    I wondered if someone should have told him that his bird was unconscious but then thought "nah, he would have just stopped playing to rush to her aid" (surely, he is a gentleman after all?) and we wouldn't have wanted that now, would we? Well, would we? ;)

    And she wasn't all that nice - needed to eat more pies if you ask me! You know when a woman's calfs appear to bend backwards, like Posh Spice? Because she's too thin? Well her's did that. Made me shiver. Poor thing. Can't be easy being THAT thin.

    Still, i suppose she's probably a nice person :) Not really for me to say is it?

    Written by Amanda Stevens (clue_les@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    > I didn't see her collapsed - was told about it later. I gather she looked
    > pissed out of her mind. Can anyone confirm?

    She still seemed to able to walk fairly ok before the band came on, didn't see the state she was in at end of the night though ;-) But rumours were flying around that she was somewhat the worse for wear.

    > ps. She wasn't all that nice - needed to eat more pies if you ask me!

    Well, from a woman's point of view, I thought she was absolutely stunning looking (and oh to be that thin!). Judging by the number of male heads that kept turning when she walked past, I think a lot of guys would disagree with you on that one as well Barry ;-)

    Written by Valerie (Valerie@zoetic.demon.co.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > Well, from a woman's point of view, I thought she was absolutely stunning
    > looking (and oh to be that thin!!!!) Judging by the number of male heads
    > that kept turning when she walked past, I think a lot of guys would disagree
    > with you on that one as well Barry ;-)

    Just by the by - and from another woman's point of view - I'm glad I'm not THAT thin! ;-)) Ahem, I was observing and I imagine that most of the guys who were talking to The Lady were simply pleased to be that close to The Von. /;-)))

    York and Leeds, excellent gigs, thank you. Leeds surely wins on atmosphere, but York was a very special gig indeed. I was SO glad to be there. I wasn't there the first time around - it was a true privilege to be there on Friday. Many happy returns!!! And thanks muchly for the T shirt and the buns :-)

    > P.S. Adam is surely THE rock god, not just A rock god.

    Yep, you got my vote on that one.

    Written by Andrew (andrew@sisters.force9.net) for Dominion mailing list

    It was a really special day, very mellow before the gig, the most relaxed security people I have ever seen, walking in to the hall after security had cleared everyone out and finding Eldritch lolling against the barriers round the mixing desk chatting to anyone who wanted to know him all made it a great day.

    The set list was almost secondary, easy to say when you have been treated to a great performance but I am sure others will know what I mean.

    As for the lady, I took it she was the "current" girlfriend, at least I think that is what she said when she was down the front trying to get over the barrier, not sure she was American, though I could be wrong. I did think it was great that she was down the front and not backstage (not that there was "backstage" as such). As for for the other quips, I'm with Amanda on that one, she was a real head turner!

    Not much to add about the gig that has not already been covered elsewhere, except to say next time someone says Eldritch does not care, remind them of this gig. It was a special evening and I will always remember it that way.

    P.S. I took a photo from the front for a blonde girl behind me, a good one I think? if you are out there? let me know how it comes out!

    Cake picture by Darren Marsland. Ticket scanned by David Batey, its original location is here. Eldritch pictures by Posy, bigger versions are here.

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