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Merchandise overview

All information in this page comes from 2000/08/12 Hildesheim gig at the M'era Luna festival and the two 2000/09/05 London gigs.

In Hildesheim, all t-shirts cost 40 DM, longsleeve -- 50 DM (Mission's t-shirts cost 45 DM). In London, it cost 13 pounds for ordinary one, and 18 pounds for long sleeve.

Sizes (in London): S, M, L and XL, except tour t-shirts which were only L and XL, and the one-sized skinnies.

In Hildesheim the black pseudo-To the Planet Edge t-shirt sold out earliest, followed by Utterly Bastard Groovy and Sisters Gegen Nazis. Tour t-shirts weren't anywhere near being sold out. I don't remember the fate of the last two.

Tour t-shirts:

Front: Small tour logo -- new merciful release logo in a cog, blended with this picture of Adam; only purple and white is used in the logo (inside the cog). "sisters trip the light fantastic" is written around it in the standard tour font (see tour poster)

Back: Small tour logo, "sisters" above it, tour dates beneath it (first Nottingham date is missing, London isn't doubled). All dates are fitted to uniform width by changing size of the font.

Three versions of these were present:

  • Black t-shirt, gray letters, purple logo
  • Same as above, only long sleeve
  • Yellow t-shirt, black letters, purple logo (not present in London)

    In London (and probably other UK dates) there also was

  • Sona Fariq t-shirt

    To the Planet Edge sentiment t-shirts:

  • Black t-shirt with huge green To the Planet Edge logo on the back and huge green new Merciful Release logo on the front; the upper part of new MR head is removed and "sisters" is written in psychodelicized new font (not present in London).
  • White small-sized t-shirt with new Merciful Release logo in black and green on front ("white skinny").
  • Same as above, only black ("black skinny"; not present in Hildesheim).

    Standard Reptile House line t-shirts:

  • Merciful Release (black with new logo on from in bright white -- "MRII")
  • Utterly Bastard Groovy
  • Sisters Gegen Nazis
  • And the kissing and the colour come crashing down (not present in Hildesheim)

    "Collector's corner" (not present in Hildesheim)

  • UTRs 7, 10, 14, 15 (1 GBP)
  • Vision Thing tour programme (when are they going to run out of these?) (1 GBP?)
  • To the Planet Edge bumper sticker (2 GBP)
  • To the Planet Edge backstage pass and photo passes (3 GBP each)
  • Chris Starling CD (12 GBP)
  • T-shirt from 1993/07/24 gig, with note "various sizes, various styles" next to it (5 GBP)
  • Glasperlenspiel 03 (1 GBP)

    Tour logo (off the t-shirts) scanned by Jan Piatkowski (

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