2000/09/08, La Riviera, Madrid, Spain

Trip the Light Fantastic 2000

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Original venue for the gig was La Riviera.

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  • Intro

  • First and Last and Always
  • Train/Detonation Boulevard
  • Ribbons
  • Crash and Burn
  • Summer
  • Alice
  • Giving Ground
  • Will I Dream?
  • Anaconda
  • On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
  • We are the Same, Susanne
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Romeo Down
  • War on Drugs
  • Temple of Love
  • Something Fast
  • Flood II
  • Snub Nose (!)
  • Vision Thing
  • Snub Nose was called ! (exclamation mark)

    Thanks to shadowkings@terra.es, Robin Colman (sisters@pandora.be)

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    Written by Anders Blixt (ajje73@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    Wildest gig I've ever seen, with an audience on fire. I guess they will start playing down here more often. ("We'll be back! And how about you?? *screaming*) Eldritch let us sing choruses to several songs.

    Can somebody confirm if the Sisters go on tour in a white Volvo bus with British plates on? The white bus had shaded windows and "star riders" printed on it. It was parked right at the entrance/exit of La Riviera.

    Written by Roger Warwick (roger@gomadrid.com) for Dominion mailing list

    Despite my first concert being Leeds Warehouse in '82 or '83 (can't remember now) and having seen the Sisters at all stages of their long professional life, last night was the first time I'd seen them outside the UK. I must admit, it wasn't a great experience.

    This wasn't due to the band, despite the fact that Andrew hurled his mic stand at the crowd at the end of the main set and shouted at them to shut up several times. No, it was due largly to the crowd. There was the usual spattering of g***s and I wouldn't have minded a quid for every black garment I spotted, but they were, in general, a knowledgable crowd.

    The problem was that the only moshing or dancing or animation of any sort seemed to come from a group who were obviously on tour and possibly German or Belgian or Dutch (please, no insults intended to any nationality for not guessing correctly) but definitely not Spanish. This is surprising because the Spanish are generally a lively bunch and love having a good time.20

    Anyway, the band were (no surprise here) Utterly Bastard Groovy (whereas Freak XXI, the support group, were just Utterly). It was good to hear a virtually unaltered version of Alice. The set also included First & Last & Always, Dominion/Mother Russia, On the Wire, Destination Boulevard, Temple of Love, Suzanne, Summer, War on Drugs, Anaconda, Vision Thing, etc. (I've obviously left some out here, but the old memory's failing). There was also 1 song I didn't recognise, not having seen them for 4 years or been on the list since 1997. If anybody can tell me what new songs (if any) they're playing I'd be grateful.

    The band were on good form, Andrew strutting about the stage like a good 'un and regularly handing out his vodka bottles. It's just that I'd have much preferred to have seen them elsewhere. Oh well. Next year hopefully (I'm always optimistic).

    Written by Luigi (jgomez@usuarios.retecal.es) for Dominion mailing list

    I've just come back from Madrid, I really enjoyed there, it has been my first sisters' concert and i think it's been incredible... Maybe it's true that the people weren't very "live", but they are goths, aren't they? no, just kiding, I think people were very live with the clasic songs, that's to say with the songs they knew, and it's normal that this things happens when you don't release a record in almost 10 years... For me was incredible because i knew all the new songs (thanks once again Posy) but there's people who say that the new songs cool the ambient because the people want to hear the songs they know. The songs are good but it's very difficult that you begin to jump and shout with a song the first time you hear it. Just one thing more... i was very glad to meet some of you there, i hope to go to a concert with you someday because you really enjoy there...

    Written shadowkings@terra.es for Dominion mailing list

    the sisters were superb in spain (i only had seen them once, the first time they came to madrid in 1991)

    it was a shame that the spanish audience never stopped talking during the show i went to see and listen to the sisters, what did they go for?

    hi to robin and hi to the girl who attended the mish shows last year in the uk

    and fuck to the guy with the lantern looking for recorders and cameras in madrid, you are fucking blind!!

    Written by Sven (togni@pandora.be) for Dominion mailing list

    > Wildest gig I've ever seen,
    You ain't seen much I guess...
    > with an audience on fire.
    Well that part of the audience were 3 Englishmen, 3 Belgians, 2 Germans and 1 Norwegian... The rest just stood there, watched and kicked us whenever we got to close to them... They can learn from the Barca crowd!!!

    Written by Pete French ( pete@toybox.twisted.org.uk) for Dominion mailing list

    > Wildest gig I've ever seen, with an audience on fire. I guess they will


    This is the same Madrid I just came back from right ? Where everyone just stood and watched the band and hardly moved at all (though not as stationary as Barcelona).

    Spanish gigs were superb though - well worth the distance travelled. Thats it for another year I guess...

    Written by vampiria@ole.com for Dominion mailing list

    I'm Spanish and last weekend I was in THE CONCERT I can only say that it probably was the best concert I was in. The Riviera was full of people and there was many people without tickets (well I has my tickets since two months ago). O.K. I only want to say that it was fantastic, and the new songs are very very good, if you can you have to hear them in concert.

    Written by Anders Blixt (ajje73@hotmail.com) for Dominion mailing list

    Back home after a terrific holiday in Spain/Portugal, I see most people who were at the Madrid gig didn't share my positive impression of it.

    One could argue this review won't be a very good summary of the 8th of September at La Riviera, but to choose not to post it because of that would neither be very Eldritchesque nor fair to those bloody great Madrilenos who actually screamed along to the lyrics of every released song - sometimes to the point that I couldn't hear Andrew's voice. So, Sancho Panza, here we go again...

    Going down south

    Choosing how to go to Spain was never difficult for this trip, with the red-white budget planes based in Brussels being half as expensive as any competitor. Besides, it's fascinating to change planes at Western Europes probably most multilingual airport - and if you're not so polyglot-ish you can always taste the beer instead. We went for Leffe (Gold I think) and realised we should have stayed at the gate...give me my Warsteiner please!!

    Arriving in Madrid, the need of sleep from the boring flight was blown away in a few minutes by the impressive nightlife going on downtown Madrid a thursday night! Berlin and London, go...somewhere else. This is a city who knows how to party, but not how to sleep.

    The gig

    La Riviera is a funny place inside, with only the stage surroundings covered by a roof. Looking up backwards gives a view of night sky and palm leaves. Cool!

    Freak XXI can be described as noise pollution if you like Metallica or softer, enough said. The hour until the Sister come upon stage feels like an eternity of course, the same feeling as waiting for Santa Claus four years old :-) Then there is more smoke...

    The new intro is really really good, building up the tension and stirring the adrenalin. More and more smoke comes onstage until the Doktor drums in to First and Last and Always. Great opener, and around me the Madrilenos go wild from the beginning! For those of you who held other positions (with less active Spaniards) in the crowd I was some 5-6 meters from stage in front of Chris Sheehan surrounded by maniacs.
    Before Train/Detonation Boulevard I -think- I hear Andrew say Buenos tardes, though I'm not sure. What maybe is my best memory from the gig is that Crash&Burn is received best of all the new songs, the chorus is so strong and catchy one cannot stand still, and soon people are humming along even if they don't know the lyrics!
    ...which is not the case with Alice - the first song where Andrews voice is unheard of, unlike the roars around me! This is, for me, the wildest I've seen (maybe time to enlighten: with the -Sisters- onstage) and beats Hildesheim, Brixton and -beware- Rendsburg. It's really strange how a concert can be viewed so diametrically different from different positions... What goes for Alice also goes for Dominion, Temple and the roaring Vision Thing - flying cigarettes and beer attack me, jumping bodies hide the stage, and the football hoard scream away Von's voice!

    Sure, Andrew tells the crowd to shut up, and sure, he throws the mic stand at them - but from what I can tell he looks happy all the time delivering comments more and more often as the gig goes along (English followers, what did he say??) and at one point I think he says something about his girlfriend..??

    The end of the gig is marvellous for lovers of true Rock music with Snub Nose or ! followed by Vision Thing - yess!!!

    Ten days later changing planes at Brussels again, with 14 degrees and mist and rain all over the place, I'm bound to think mr Bonaparte was never really defeated at Waterloo but left on pure walkover...I for one would have loved a trip to St Helena when I looked out at Belgium that day!

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