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August 5
 Neerpelt (cancelled)
August 12
August 19
August 30
September 1
September 2
September 3
September 5
September 6
September 8
September 9


Andrew Eldritch
Adam Pearson
backing vocals,
Chris Sheehan
guitars, backing vocals
Doktor Avalanche
Simon Denbigh
Nurse to the Doktor


As played in Hildesheim. Click here for an overview.

  • Anaconda
  • Train / Detonation Boulevard
  • Ribbons
  • Will I Dream?
  • Dominion / Mother Russia
  • Summer
  • Giving Ground
  • Crash and Burn
  • Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
  • On the Wire / Teachers / On the Wire
  • We are the Same, Susanne
  • Romeo Down
  • Flood I
  • War on Drugs
  • Temple of Love
  • Alice
  • Flood II
  • Something Fast
  • (the new instrumental)
  • This Corrosion
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  • Personnel
    last update: 2000/08/16

    Andrew Eldritch - vocals
    Adam Pearson - guitars, bass, backing vocals
    Chris Sheehan - guitars, backing vocals
    Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards
    Simon Denbigh - Nurse to the Doktor

    The rumors were all true: Chris Sheehan, who only played with the band during the Roadkill tour (1996) replaced Mike Varjak, who was recruited as replacement for Chris Sheehan during the Distance Over Time tour (1997) and stayed with them up to this tour.

    When the official TSOM site went up in early 2000, it appeared that despite Mike being there for nearly three years, Chris is still featured on the set -- the quoted band's lineup was a fourpiece (plus Doktor and the Nurse). This was the only mentioning of Chris Sheehan -- all other sections of the site had contributions from/were about Andrew, Adam and Mike only (or, more often than not, Andrew only). Later the "official" lineup was edited again: only the 1997-onwards threepiece was left, with a side mentioning that Chris Sheehan is putting out a solo album.

    No official word is yet given as to whether the changes are permanent and what is the status of Chris and Mike. One can only assume that as there is no any official announcement Mike is still a member of the band and Chris is standing in for him; alternatively, all three guitarists might be "members" and will be covering for each other if time does not allow either of them to go on road with the Sisters.

    Robin Colman's (aka Uncle Sisters) huge (and strangely useful) egoshow was the first to announce the rumors about upcoming chang to general public (read this). Rumor mill had it that Andrew got bored with constant problems with Mike (and -- usually -- his women) and politely reminded him that he was recruited only as a replacement for Chris, and Chris is not so busy any more. Others think that Mike became too involved with JackieOnAssid and got kicked out/left Sisters in the process. These theories might all be wrong, as most rumors are.

    Site's reader Paul reported that he talked to Simon Denbigh after the Manchester gig, and the exact quote of what he could say about Mike was "he's been fired".

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    last update: 2000/09/06 (after the gig)

    After the first date in Hildesheim (click on the link for the gig's setlist) it's obvious that the Sisters are keeping their promise to include more new songs: Crash and Burn and an instrumental which changes name each night were premiered in the gig. In the same gig Anaconda and War on Drugs returned to their prominent places in the set, and Come Together was kicked out.

    Compared to the previous To the Planet Edge tour (1999), the setlist was rearranged dramatically, and these songs were skipped: Body Electric, Come Together, Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger, Sister Ray. First and Last and Always and Amphetamine Logic are also occasionally played. Openers are either Anaconda or First and Last and Always (the later is rarer case). Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger was an option for second London gig -- but the band chose Something Fast instead.

    Both songs premiered in the To the Planet Edge marathon -- Flood I and Bei Mir Bist Du Schön -- are being performed occasionally.

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    New intros
    last update: 2000/09/06 (after the gig)

    This tour premiered new intros, which are best described as "Techno thingies". There are at least three of them, and in the first London gig two of them took 20 minutes; even so, the second one was obviously cut as the band appeared.

    The music is electronic meditation, and is very good for getting in the right mood. I'd say it all was written by Andrew Eldritch himself -- he's responsible for most aspects of Sisters shows, and this is a major one.

    Either way, it's definitely not Sisters material per se. Don't expect to find it on a Sisters CD. Moreover, they're obviously composed for specific purpose: they're full of false endings, during which audience amuses itself by thinking the main show is starting. Anyway, I really hope to come across unofficial show recording with intros intact.

    After we sort it out, we'll post details here.

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    Name of the new instrumental
    last update: 2000/09/16

    The name of this short encore instrumental changes names in each gig. These names used were:

  • Snub Nose in Hildesheim
  • Or Whatever in Dresden
  • Adam Decides in Manchester
  • This Night in Glasgow
  • Hinkathonic in Nottingham
  • Protosonic in London I
  • Number's Called in London II
  • ! (exclamation mark) in Madrid and Barcelona

    According to Anders Rehnsberg, a source in tour personnel said that the band decided to use different names each night. Apparently there's supposed to be some hidden message.

    "Shuffle the cards and go figure."

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    Tour name
    last updated: 2000/08/19

    Apparently, the "trip the light fantastic" idiom originated from John Milton in 1632 (details should be here) and means "to dance". It was widely used in the 1960s, and ended up in Mission lyrics. Paul McCartney called his live album from early 1990s (or was that late 1980s?) "Tripping the Live Fantastic".

    The phrasing on the tour t-shirts goes "sisters trip the light fantastic", and thus can be read as "sisters dance". Also, one can note that the setup at Sisters shows can definitely be called "light fantastic".

    And for some usual ambiguity, it's easy to imagine a different kind of "trip" using different kind of, um, devices (of the "distance over time" kind). These same devices can help to get the "light fantastic". Your mum will be very glad when she hears it.

    With thanks to Adam.

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    Nottingham gig cancellation
    last update: 2000/09/23

    The first Nottingham gig was cancelled due to a burst water tank at Rock City. The show has now been rescheduled and The Sisters of Mercy will be playing in Nottingham on February 18th 2001, almost exactly 20 years after their first ever live appearance. We'll be watching the official site and add more details on tickets as they appear.

    The show was added after the Septermber 3rd one in the same city sold out. Somewhat prophetically, the date is not mentioned on the tour t-shirts. Either that or we can discuss conspiracy theories.

    More details on the cancellation can be found here.

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    Other cancelled gigs
    last updated: 2000/08/07

    Eurorock festival in Belgium was first announced gig of the tour (in December 1999); it was canceled on May 25th by The Sisters of Mercy on grounds of failure to communicate with Eurorock organizers properly. Storm of mutual accusations followed. More details in the show entry.

    Sisters' headlining slot was filled by Mission. Ta-dum.

    When the Spain dates were announced via the official TSOM site on June 30th, there were three of them: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia; this last one was marked with "probably" and disappeared after some time. No tickets were on sale back then. Valencia was slated for September 10.

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    Tours site status
    last update: 2000/09/06 (before the gig)

    Andrius is busy making mess of his life to the best of his ability, and in the process his Internet connection is even more pathetic than it was before. As this happens parallel to the Sisters tour, additional person in charge of things was needed -- and Christer Andersson (who is responsible for several still movies) agreed to help. Contact him via for 2000 stuff, such as pictures or reviews. Mail concerning other parts of the site should be directed to Andrius.

    Andrius is still (more or less) in charge of the site and is still contributing this and that (mostly from Grand Visions department -- the experimental blue skin is all his fault), and Christer is taking care of tickets information and all the urgent updates -- setlists, reviews, etc.

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    All Eldritch pictures were taken in the 2000/08/12 Hildesheim gig by Robert Wastl ( (bigger versions are in show gallery). Advertisement scanned by Bart Kalita (, tour logo scanned by Jan Piatkowski ( (from the official tour t-shirts). Backstage pass scanned by Peter Lankester (