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July 18

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September 24
 New York
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 San Francisco
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 Fort Lauderdale
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October 21
  Mexico City

Merchandise overview

In all gigs (except Braga which didn't have any Sisters merchandise) the following items were on sale (prices in US dollars):

Tour t-shirts:

  • Short sleeve - Front: half world tour logo in green/blue. Back: green new logo
  • Long sleeve - Front: same as ordinary. Back: "Sisters", tour dates in blue, on left sleeve sisters to the planet edge in blue
  • Black and white baby doll t-shirts

    Standard Reptile House t-shirts:

  • Merciful Release (with old logo)
  • Merciful Release II (with new logo)
  • Sisters Gegen Nazis
  • Utterly Bastard Groovy

    T-shirt prices: $25 ordinary, $32 long sleeve, $15 baby sized

    Books and magazines:

  • Postcards From Above the Chemist hardcover, numbered, autographed on the first page $35
  • Postcards From Above the Chemist paperback $25
  • Heartland anthology $20
  • Underneath the Rock (issues 9, 11, maybe others)
  • Glasperlenspiel (issues 01 and 02)
  • Glossy photos


  • New logo pin $8
  • Sisters Gegen Nazi patch $3
  • Sisters to the Planet Edge sticker (bumper sized) $3

    The tour's items were marked with this:
    (c) 1999 The Reptile House Ltd./Under License to Blue Grape Merchandising
    (r) Manufactured by C & D Visionary Inc.

    Postcards From Above the Chemist is a lyrics book, Heartland is an anthology of book-sized Sisters zines (both released in early '90s), Underneath the Rock is the official Sisters fanzine, introduced in early 90s and stopped in 1996 when the Reptile House went down under, Glasperlenspiel is the new unofficial zine, the only one active in English language. The latest can be overviewed and ordered via their homepage at At the bargain price they offer (you only have to cover the postage), it's well worth ordering. While we're on that, if German is your language of preference, consider getting the Head and Star fanzine.

    All the standard Reptile House t-shirts in theory are available from the them; the price is 12 Brittish pounds (roughly US$20) for a shirt, plus postage. In practice, mostly due to band's hibernation the service was too expensive to maintain, so, as it was put in last Underneath the Rock, Reptile House had to "restrict itself to mail-order activity with a much smaller range". Currently its operations are limited to occasional reply to t-shirts request. Although Reptile House has its own web site at it was inactive since its appearance several years ago. The only way to get in contact with them is sending snail mail (probably with IRC included) via the address listed in the website.

    Thanks to Robert Hedengren (, Tony Beck ( and Christian Wojtysiak from Head and Star. Tour sticker scanned by Christer Andersson (

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