1998/09/07, Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan

Summer 1998

June 27
July 4
 Reuterstadt Stavenhagen
July 11
July 25
ob der Tauber
August 8
August 29
September 7
 Tokyo (cancelled)
September 8
 Tokyo (cancelled)

late 1998
 false gigs

On August 2 the presale of yen 7500 (~US$53) tickets to the two Tokyo gigs had started, supported by adverts in the biggest Japanese magazines; these gigs weren't in the draft list of yet-unconfirmed summer dates Sisters published sometime before the tour (it had only the 5 dates they did play).

The first time Sisters officially spoke out about Japan gigs was August 19: "The proposed dates in Tokyo have fallen through. The Sisters of Mercy will not now be playing Japan in September." Japan organizers H.I.P.'s statement followed in a week. All tickets were fully refunded.

Reports from Japan showed that as the things stood there at the moment, neither Sisters nor gothic music (to which they were unanimously linked) were popular, especially among the youth. Those who did know about The Sisters of Mercy were expecting nothing but a "best of" set played by the "best of" lineup -- Wayne, Patricia, maybe even Andreas with Tony. Naturally, tickets sales weren't going anywhere near satisfactory, and the event had to be cancelled.

These gigs were the second failed Sisters attempt to go to Japan. The previous Japan tour of the band was scheduled for January 26-28, 1986 (one show in Kyoto and two in Tokyo) and was cancelled after Hussey & Co. split and left Andrew and Doktor without a band to play with.

For what it's worth, Japanese magazine Doll was hoping to get and interview from Eldritch. The interviewer was supposed to be Haruhiko Ash, who (1) is a musician whose track appeared in Cleapatra's compilation Black Bible and who (2) interviewed Patricia Morrison when she came to Japan in 1996.

Big thank-you goes to Kunihiko Kishida (kuni-k@tkc.att.ne.jp) and tsukamop (tsukamop@mx2.nisiq.net) for their help.