1998/01/25, Gaswerk G1, Hamburg, Germany

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The last German show in Andrew's home city was the longest German show -- 21 songs total. Same as in some previous German gigs of the tour, major problems were had with photographers who just couldn't stop photographing.

In the pre-tour Visions interview Andrew Eldritch noted: "Just like any other band, we do find the Hamburg audience a bit difficult, but like any other audience they do want to have a good time." Same as nearly everywhere else, Hamburg audience kept straight face until Dominion/Mother Russia signaled the start of oldies-goldies half of the show, and went completely crazy afterwards.

Support acts: Think About Mutation, Scoda Blush.

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  • Intro
  • First and Last and Always
  • Ribbons
  • Come Together
  • Train/Detonation Boulevard
  • Amphetamine Logic
  • War on Drugs
  • Giving Ground
  • (We Are the Same) Suzanne
  • On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
  • Will I Dream
  • Dominion/Mother Russia
  • Summer
  • Anaconda
  • Romeo Down
  • Flood II
  • Temple of Love
  • This Corrosion
  • Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger
  • Something Fast
  • Vision Thing
  • Jolene
  • Soundcheck

  • Will I Dream
  • (We Are the Same) Suzanne
  • Romeo Down
  • Thanks to Jochen Upheber (MERCYMAN@t-online.de) for main setlist and Tobias Dorf (heartwork@wtal.de) for soundcheck.

    Setlist | Reviews

    Written by Jochen Upheber (MERCYMAN@t-online.de) for Dominion mailing list

    My weekend in Hamburg has just finished. It was totally different gig from those in Herford and Düsseldorf. Andrew was really right to say in the Visions interview that the audience in Hamburg is always difficult, and very reserved. No comparison with the atmosphere in Hamburg and Herford.

    At the beginning, I really doubted if Andrew would continue with the show. There were many photographers who didn't stop taking photos. Andrew got very angry about this, left out some verses of Ribbons and always said "Go away". But these idiots from the press didn't get the point. They had their time to take photos but they couldn't find an end. Even when Andrew hit the microphone stand or pillar or something similar in the direction of the men from the press, they didn't turn away. Oh Man, he seemed very angry. We told a man from the security to throw these idiots out of the hall and he did. Good man!

    The surprise of the evening was the song Will I Dream. Mike told me that they had played it the first time the evening before in Munich. The song is faster than Romeo Down or Suzanne. I liked it very much.

    Written by Johan from Sweden (floorshow@hotmail.com) for The Sisters of Mercy Tours site

    The band blasted onto the stage with a totally awesome First and Last and Always, and Andrew seemed to be in quite a good mood (apart from those bloody photographers, that is). Unfortunately the Hamburg audience was very lame, and apart from a few human pyramids and some occasional sing-along, the response was very bad. This didn't change until the deafening beats of Dominion/Mother Russia blasted from the PA. Then people went totally crazy, and luckily they stayed that way until the end of the concert.

    One quite remarkable thing happened during Jolene, which came up last; Andrew had been kind of flirting with a girl at the front row since This Corrosion, and during a chorus of Jolene, he actually leaned towards her, and pulled his shades up for a few seconds to wave his eyebrows at her!! I stood right behind this girl, and was totally shocked to suddenly almost stare into the eyes of Andrew Eldritch! That's Andy, always a ladies man...

    Of the new songs, I'd say I like Summer the best, as it sort of combines the sound of, say, Nine While Nine and maybe When You Don't See Me. At least in my ears it did. However, Suzanne and Romeo Down was pretty bloody terrific as well. I'd say things are looking good for the new album!

    Ticket scanned by Christer Andersson (christe@nada.kth.se).

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