Phone Home interview

Andrew Eldritch interviewed by Sue Smith
Published in April 1997 in Mojo magazine


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At the moment our Good Friday gig at Birmingham NEC is off. I'm drafting a fax to the promoter explaining why he's in breach of contract. It's not a symbolic date -- though colleagues have suggested that one always risks being crucified on an English stage. We've enough other gigs anyway -- two festivals in June, two in July, we'll play Belgium and possibly America. We don't have an American label because East West never got it together, and we've been on strike for seven years as far as album delivery goes, but we're on the road a lot in the summer -- it's my Saturday job!

Last summer the Sisters played a secret warm-up gig as Near Meth Experience at The Fenton in Leeds. I'm not a fan of these eyeball-to-eyeball things byt these guys talk me into quite a lot. Doktor Avalanche is now attached to samplers and custom electronics, but the computer itself's old, he's due for a brain overhaul. Then there's Adam [Pearson, guitar], his mate Ravey Davey who looks after the Doktor, and Chris [Sheehan, guitar].

The last major UK gig we did was with Depeche Mode. And we did it without smack! No, I do have a soft spot for them, and I'm a total fan of Martin [Gore] -- anybody that can write songs that pervy and stay in the Top 20 is doing something right. Most our last Euro gigs were with the Pistols.

I met Bowie and Leonard Cohen through Rolling Stone in Germany. Bowie was great, considering I said I didn't like his new album much; I don't think that rock and bass'n'drum thing works. I've also done some remix stuff for Die Krupps. It's good to be handed tapes full of cacophony and noise, and drag a shiny song kicking and screaming out of the melee.

I get up extraordinarily early, then have to have a siesta at midday. It's nice to be able to get some work done before people start ringing you up and sending you faxes and generally trying to spoil your life. And in Amsterdam and Hamburg going to a bar at 4 am is no problem.

I spend 10 months at home with my cats, locked into my compyter, the other two it's the Saturday job, playing to 60,000 people. Right now I've got to complete this fax to the promoter, saying he's got six seconds to pull his finger out.