1997/03/28, NEC, Birmingham, UK

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I wasn't on Dominion at the time the story happened, so I'm in no position to tell the story coherently, but as two persons in the know failed to return any letter to my request to tell the story for the site, here's my incoherent understanding of what it was:

Industrial Research, with Paul Storm as its leader, started the whole affair, and Sisters got on the van; Paradise Lost were slated as openers. The gig was announced around December 1996; on February 1997 Sisters refused to be in it. Reason for the decision was Industrial Research's failure to pay band advance fee by the deadline. The show got cancelled.

No money were returned for tickets purchased directly from Industrial Research. The promoter had already paid (nonrefundable) deposit to NEC, and, apparently, some of the fee to the band. The band, when they're not too irritated, still deny rumors that interim payment for Birmingham gig was used to organize the London shows later in 1997; apparently, the rumors originated from Paul Storm himself. Even so, positive ticket sales demonstrated continued interest in the band, which its business life much easier.

Some fans chose to take Paul Storm to court, but I've no information on their success. For what it's worth, he's rumored to still be in show business, although not as Industrial Research anymore.

Andrew Eldritch talks about the fiasco in both Phone Home and Virgin Net interviews.