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Published in January 1996 in Dutch Hardrock & Heavy Metal Magazine
written by Robert Haagsma


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In 1995 an internet source brought the news that Andrew Eldritch left his own band to get out of his contract with East West, a division of Warner. Do the Sisters of Mercy still exist? When can we expect a new album? Who are in the band? What musical course will the band take?

These are all very reasonable questions but Eldritch prefers to answer them with a mysterious smile. There are quite a lot of legal obstacles between Som and East West, so he doesn't want to get into details. When I visit Eldritch in his Amsterdam home I see that Eldritch isn't the archtype rocker that he used to be. No more leather pants, black hair, sunglasses and strange behaviour. Across the table is a allready greying intelectual who does the talking.

Very english, just like the large mugs of weak tea with milk that he constantly drinks.


He can hardly understand that there are bands, who talk about him and his band in interviews. All those years that he was attact about the music he made. He can't say the word "gothic" another time. He prefers to refer to it as "the G-word".

Eldritch: "I don't have any clue about this development in meteal music, I really don't. It's very nice, of course, but the pain about the attacks, made by the brittish press, remains. They have done everything to make me and my music look foolish. While it is very emotional, personal music". Also his audience is not his favourite.

Eldritch: "From letters I recieved, I never got the impression that they understood what I was doing. The young people of today just don't have the ability to review a text, with some level of intelligence, and value them. Especially the ironicle subtone, no one saw it. The images and symboles I use, aparently don't get across".

Eldritch (in a somber tone): "Then I think, I just don't release something anymore. They never understood the debut album. The title song "First Last And Always" is about me, getting misinterpreted. They never picked it up. Then why would I release a new album...? No, the idea of getting The Sisters Of Mercy back to life, is not an attractive thought right now. Every time that I think in that direction, I can hear the press sharpening its knifes, Again".

Band Reviews (extracts)

Band: Type O Negative
Album: Bloody Kisses
Song: Christian Woman

(After years of Trash and Hardcore, Peter Steele turned with "Bloody Kisses" from '93, over to the Britisch gothic. Especially his way of dark singing is watched/taken from Eldritch.)

Eldritch: "The music is good, it's the singing..."

Makes a dirty face, "where is this man coming from? America? Hmm, I wouldn't have guessed with his accent. I'd say Denmark. You can here that he is influenced by The Sisters. He's taken a very good look at my lyrics, but he didn't get the essence at all.

Turns the CD off before the end, "Too bad about the music and the production, 'cause they are good."

Band: Die Krupps
Album: The Final Remixes
Song: Fatherland

(German Industrial from Jurgen Engler. "Fatherland" comes from the remix-album 'The Final Remixes', released in '94. The remix is done by Eldritch)

Eldritch: Recognizes the song from the first second. Smiling: "It's a good mix, isn't it? It was a fun job to do. It's a good song, with a good message and written by a very nice man, Jurgen Engler."

Then Eldritch digs up a DAT-recorder and plays a nice, not yet released remix from a Krupps-song called "Odyssey Of The Mind"

Band: Green day
Album: Dookie
Song: Basket Case

(The light desert after a heavy meal. Green Day is a punk band from sunny California, who in everything, are just the opposite compared to the introvert caracter of The Sisters Of Mercy. The song is taken from the millionseller 'Dookie' released in '94)

Eldritch: Immediately: "This is Green Day, right? Good song. I know there is a lot going on with them right now. Are they punk enough or not! I don't care. It is played with persuasion and that is the most important. These guys believe in what they are doing. But this is not the kind of music I play at home."

Band: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Downward Spiral
Song: March Of The Piggs

(Product of the totally disturbt brain of Trent Reznor. The song is taken from the magnifficent album "The Downward Spiral" released in '94)

Eldritch: Again, he's very enthousiastic: "Look, listening to a record like this expands your life! I've heard it before but can't remember anymore, right now. Ah, Nine Inch Nails, of course. I prefer Ministry because they don't dress as stupid as Nine Inch Nails, when they do a live gig.I'm sorry to hear that Trent likes to be a decadent rockstar. Their concerts are a shame. Not funny and Not Clever."

Author of the translation is unknown; it was published in Dominion mailing list. Introduction dealing with Sisters history and reviews of Ministry, Paradise Lost and "a lot of Dutch bands" are not translated.

Copyright of the text still belongs to Hardrock & Heavy Metal, I'm only publishing the translation which previously appeared in almost every TSOM's interviews archive the Internet.

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